EVE Online Apocrypha 1.3 deployment Monday 29th June 2009

EVE Online Apocrypha 1. 3 will be deployed during downtime on Monday, 29th June 2009 between 0800 and 1200 GMT.

This latest patch in the Apocrypha series contains some fantastic changes for core memory and lag reduction on Tranquility. Tech 3 production and reverse engineering will be receiving a major boost in terms of increased radar sites in wormhole space, increased drop rates of Tech 3 datacores along with increasing the runs on the blueprints from reverse engineering jobs. Starbases will see significant improvements with the deployment, anchoring, on-lining and un-anchoring of starbase towers and structures to be improved for all players.

Patch Notes are available and a discussion thread for this deployment can be found here.