EVE Online July release has been published on July 11

The EVE Online July release has been published on July 11 bringing real exoplanet research with Project Discovery, a revamp of the Strategic Cruiser ship class, improved ship models and more!

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This release brings phase two of Project Discovery, where pilots in New Eden will assist in real world science by searching for Exoplanets in conjunction with the University of Reykjavik, the University of Geneva and Massively Multiplayer Online Science.

Additionally, we see a fundamental revamp of all tech-3 strategic cruisers, improving their subsystems and giving the whole ship class a more unique and distinct role.

The July release also brings new “Firewall Breach” SKINs in celebration of the Minmatar Republic’s Liberation Day, SKINs for Strategic Cruisers, further graphical enhancements with an overhaul of the visual assets for NPC battlestations, as well as a redesign of the Rupture, Muninn and Broadsword, plus many more fixes and improvements that make New Eden a better place.

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