EVE Online: Retribution to be Deployed on Tuesday, December 4

EVE Online: Retribution is scheduled for deployment during an extended downtime on Tuesday, December 4. Downtime will begin at 09:00 UTC and is expected to be completed at 11:35 UTC.

In the world of EVE Online justice is a valuable commodity. When a pilot is wronged they demand justice, they demand retribution. EVE Online: Retribution delivers new tools to let pilots seek their own justice. New Bounty Hunting and Crimewatch systems will ensure that criminals are punished for their actions. 40 Rebalanced Ships and 5 New Ships give pilots new ways to destroy those they hate most or to better protect their friends. As well as, new UI Upgrades and Inventory Changes that will ensure that your path to revenge is even smoother. This is an era of new immortals, greater opportunity, and lucrative retribution.

For more information about the latest EVE Online expansion, please visit the Retribution Feature Page.
The full patch notes are available here.
If you want to discuss the deployement process, please use this thread.