Exploit Notification – Generation Of Tech II BPOs From Destruction Of Citadels & Engineering Complexes

We have been made aware of a bug with Citadels and Engineering complexes that can cause the generation of Tech II Blueprint Originals upon their destruction.

This bug surfaced during the destruction of a Raitaru class Engineering Complex in the system of Perimeter early this morning, and was brought to our attention by a number of players.

We would like to inform the community that utilizing this bug to generate Tech II Blueprint Originals, along with the sale and/or use of Tech II Blueprint Originals generated by this bug, is hereby considered an exploit as of the timestamp of this news item and will be actioned as such.

Players in possession of these blueprints are hereby informed that the blueprints are being monitored while we work on deploying a fix for this issue, and are asked to leave the erroneous items in their hangars, as they will be converted to BPCs once a fix is applied.

The sale or use of these blueprints in any way shape or form will be actioned as an exploit under our suspension and ban policy.