Extended Downtime for Maintenance, 1100-1500 GMT on Tues, 16 January. Sisi Stress Test Help Needed

Tranquility will undergo an extended downtime for database maintenance on Tuesday, 16 January. The extended downtime will occur from 1100 through 1500 GMT.

While the extended downtime is underway, we are asking for the community's assistance. As part of the ongoing effort to improve EVE's performance, we will be holding a stress test on Singularity and would like for as many members of the EVE community as possible to log into the test server. Once logged in, just play EVE as normal.

The test server will be running on the same version as Tranquility, so it will not be necessary to install a second client. We hope the server load during the stress test will help us troubleshoot some of the recent node issues.

It will not be necessary to set a long skill training for the extended downtime, but please ensure your skill training does not complete during the downtime.