Inferno 1.1 Patch notes, future deployment schedule, video and Dev Blog

We love it when a Friday is full of information for eager capsuleers to digest and this Friday is particularly big. Firstly, let us tell you about EVE Online Inferno 1.1 which is due for release on during the coming week. This release was scheduled for Tuesday, June 19 but has been delayed while we fix several issues with the EVE engine. Further details about the delay can be found in this news item and full patch notes are available here.

CCP Unifex, the Senior Producer for EVE Online, has written a Dev Blog covering some of the changes coming in Inferno regarding the NeX store and virtual items for Factional Warfare. You can read the full blog here.

CCP Guard ‘travelled’ to E3 to bring you an update of our presence at the event as well as talking to some of our developers regarding features coming with Inferno 1.1. The full video can be seen on our You Tube channel.

Finally, we have the Inferno feature site updated with information regarding the release this coming Tuesday. Check it out by visiting the English page, German page or Russian page.