New Account Subscription Length and Language Options Available

There were some new billing features installed today.

  1. Now customers can now choose between 1,3,6 or 12 month subscription instantly when creating a new subscription. Previously, the only option available at account subscription was to pay 19.95 and get 1 month and only later could a subscription length be chosen. Now it is possible to chose the subscription interval instantly. The cost is the regular subscription price plus 5 ($ or € based on geographical location) for the activation fee:
    • 30 days – 19.95
    • 90 days – 43.85
    • 180 days – 76.70
    • 1 year – 136.40
  2. It is possible to select languages for the billing pages. Select your preferred language from the four different flags in the upper right corner of the account management's billing page.