Designer SKINs for Command Destroyers, Logistics Frigates and EWAR Navy Frigates available in the New Eden Store

To celebrate the deployment of our December release, fantastic looking Designer SKINs are now availble for the brand new ships in New Eden (Command Destroyers, Logistics Frigates, and Electronic Warfare Navy Frigates).

Check out the New Eden Store and get the SKINs to match the new spaceships:

Command Destroyers

Raata Sunset for the Amarr Pontifex
Blue Tiger for the Caldari Stork
Valimor Legacy for the Gallente Magus
Valklear Glory for the Minmatar Bifrost

Logistics Frigates

Raata Sunset for the Amarr Deacon
Blue Tiger for the Caldari Kirin
Valimor Legacy for the Gallente Thalia
Valklear Glory for the Minmatar Scalpel

Electronic Warfare Navy Frigates

EoM for the Amarr Crucifier Navy Issue
Wiyrkomi for the Caldari Griffin Navy Issue
Intaki Syndicate for the Gallente Maulus Navy Issue
Justice for the Minmatar Vigil Fleet Issue

Have a look at the following SKIN previews!