New Eden Store: Digmaster Blazon SKIN for ORE ships

A new SKIN is available for all our hard-working industrialists in their ORE ships. Decorate your ORE ships with the new Digmaster Blazon SKIN!

The Digmaster Blazon SKIN improves your ship by replacing the standard dark yellow color parts with blazing orange. We are excited to offer this SKIN for a very affordable price:

  • Procurer – 55 PLEX
  • Retriever – 55 PLEX
  • Covetor – 55 PLEX
  • Skiff – 55 PLEX
  • Mackinaw – 55 PLEX
  • Hulk – 55 PLEX
  • Orca – 110 PLEX
  • Rorqual – 250 PLEX

Head over to the New Eden Store and grab this SKIN! 

Purchasing SKINs is easy:

  • Log into EVE Online
  • Have sufficient PLEX
  • Go to the New Eden Store (press ALT+4 or use the Neocom to access the store)
  • Purchase the SKIN(s)
  • The SKINs are then available in your redeeming system