OMG LEET LEWT! Coming soon to a cargo container near you!

For a while now many EVE pilots have been lamenting the lack of meta versions of certain newer modules that have released since the game went live. Well these are exciting times to be an NPC hunter my friends. Sexy new meta versions of many modules should start dropping from all sorts of NPCs. Including but not limited to:

Warp Core Stabs
Armor Coatings
Armor Hardeners
Energized Armor Plates
Armor Repair Projectors
Aux Power Cores
Ballistic Controls
Energy Neutralizers
Energy Transfer Array
Energy Vampires
Rocket Launchers
Cruise Launchers
Shield Boost Amps

The upcoming patch will add that along with some other nice stuff like the advanced learning skills, advanced market skills (needed for shiva market) and more elite ships. Entropy is currently running the release candidate of the Sept 28th content update so feel free to head on there and check it out before it goes live. Patch log for it should be up Soon ™.

Allow me be the first to say "WTB: 'Pandemonium' I Ballistic Enhancement"