Patch Deployment, New servers enroute and Agent transferrals started

The fix patch is currently scheduled for release during scheduled downtime on Tuesday, January 10th. It hasn't passed final review from Quality Assurance, so this date might change. Patch notes should be available shortly.

Other measures to address lag are being deployed during downtimes, one of them being Agent transferrals from high traffic systems to less loaded systems. If your agents are being moved, you should already have recieved an evemail notification that the agent is moving and to what system he will be moving to. All agent transferrals should be finished by the 8th of January.

Further transfer measures are being considered for the next weeks, such as moving Ice belts from the high traffic systems.

The really good news is that the brand new IBM AMD 64-bit Tranquility cluster is on its way and the setup phase should be started early February - if shipping goes according to plan \o/

The bad news is that the Bloodlines deployment is moved back a number of weeks due to the upcoming fix patch, the new hardware setups and our focus on improving Tranquility performance.