Streamfleet's Girls vs Boys Battle Of The Sexes Kicks Off At 19:00 UTC!

This evening at 19:00 UTC, Streamfleet will host their latest event - Girls vs Boys, the Battle of the Sexes, over on the CCP Twitch channel.

This event will pit the guys and girls of New Eden against eachother in a head to head battle to see who comes out on top!

In the blue corner, we have the boys - "Nine Inch Males" - Lead by Manic Velocity, the man with the most punchable face in New Eden. In the red corner, we have the girls - "Waifus with Knifus" - Lead by Rahne, lover of squirrels, (bad) karaoke and (bad) dancing.

Who will be victorious? Who will earn bragging rights for eternity?

Find out tonight at 19:00 UTC, on the CCP Twitch Channel!