REVELATIONS II Expansion Deployment starting at 0200 GMT on Tuedsay 19 June

REVELATIONS II, the second part of three free REVELATIONS expansion for EVE Online will be deployed on Tuesday 19 June, starting at 0200 GMT. This deployment is scheduled to last approximately 24 hours, with an estimated return to service at 0200 GMT on Wednesday 20 June. Tranquility will also undergo its normal daily maintenance period at 1100 GMT on the 20th.

REVELATIONS features many improvements, new features, content and a wealth of optimizations and fixes to both Tranquility and the EVE game client. Detailed Patch Notes are available for review. The REVELATIONS II features page will be available shortly.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and encourage training of a skill with a long training time.

The EVE forums will be available for part of the deployment, however there may be periods of unavailablity due to the integration of MyEVE with Tranquility.

For deployment discussion, please view this thread in the EVE Information Portal.