Skill point gift due to the log-in issues on May 21

With the dual deployment of Retribution 1.2.4 and the new launcher on May 21, our web servers became overloaded due to a technical glitch that took us a few hours to isolate and solve.

While this issue was not universally experienced and over 30,000 pilots were able to log in normally before we fixed the issue, we do feel this special case does require a special thank you (for your patience) from CCP.

Since it's close to impossible to find out exactly who was affected and who wasn't, we added 50.000 skillpoints (representing a day’s worth of intense skill training) to the skill point pool of the highest skilled character on each account during today's downtime.

Here’s a quick guide on how to apply those skillpoints to a skill of your choice. Check out the FAQ on the May 21 launcher issues here and please fly safe o7.