Skillpoint reimbursement for lost attribute booster with Ascension

During downtime on December 27th we have reimbursed skillpoints that were not applied correctly when using an attribute booster shortly after deployment of the Ascension expansion.

This issue affected players who logged on their characters immediately after deployment of Ascension while having an attribute booster active. Those characters didn't benefit from the boosting effect (increased accumulation of skill points) as the boosters got destroyed at logon, therefore they didn't gain any extra skillpoints associated with the boosting effect. This issue was quickly fixed a few hours after it was noticed, but the missing skillpoints have not been reimbursed until now.

Now, based on the type of booster that was destroyed, we have reimbursed the full amount of  skillpoints that the booster would have yielded to all affected characters. The reimbursed skillpoints have been added as unallocated skill points.