Solar Fleet Attempts to Gain Ground in Geminate

Geminate, U-L4KS: In what has been reported as "an attempt to gain a foothold in the Geminate region", SOLAR FLEET SOLAR forces engaged elements of the Wildly Inappropriate. WI. alliance, losing fourteen of their carriers in the process.

Tomcat, of Lone Star Joint Venture LSJV, alliance leader for WI. reports that during an operation to take down several SOLAR FLEET towers "SOLAR shows up in the system U-L4KS, with their fleet of forty to fifty, mostly battleships, and begins to hit a jump bridge tower in that system." Tomcat goes on to set the stage by stating "we jump in, bubbles go up and the fight begins; both sides were heavy RR-based (remote repairing) so a nice slugfest begins."

What happens next is a gradual escalation of "capital ship support drops", first by WI., followed by SOLAR. The exact number of carriers on the field is not known, but it is estimated at over thirty combined total.

When the fight ended, Solar Fleet suffered a loss of fourteen carriers, while Wildly Inappropriate. lost none. According to DENWIR, member of The First Foundation TFFN, fleet Commander for SOLAR two mistakes contributed to this loss: allowing the battle to take place in range of the WI. tower which "interrupted the spider tank on the carriers with it’s constant jamming" and "being surprised by the WI. reinforcements, which made the numbers 64 vs. 191."

While Tomcat acknowledges that this battle did not change the balance of power between the two opposing alliances, he feels that "this was definitely a morale boost for WI.; having such a decisive victory... as far as overall status of geminate, it still fully remains under WI control."

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