United Legion Evicted From Immensea

New Eden, Immensea - A coalition comprised of Aggression. AGGRO and Atlas ATLAS alliances have recently evicted United Legion UNL from most of their sovereign holdings in the Immensea region, diplomatic sources have confirmed.

The takeover took no more than two weeks, with AGGRO capsuleers pressing UNL from the north of Immensea while Atlas locked down the south: "It worked as hoped and UNL had to split fleets or couldn't reinforce themselves, as operations were going on in two different areas at the same time.", Banlish of ATLAS stated.

The war came during a time of internal unrest within United Legion and was therefore met with limited resistance. Eve's Prophet, UNL's CEO, recalls the first days of the conflict: "Everything was broken... people were tired from starbase wars and the last CEO retired from UNL just before AGGRO came... Nobody wanted to fight."

The delicate situation was well known by UNL's enemies. Following the invasion, AGGRO's CEO said: "We had heard stories that UNL was having financial problems and the time was right to push."

UNL resisted the assault for awhile, employing stealth bombers and battleship-heavy fleets whenever possible. Banlish describes his former opponents: "UNL, despite what people think of them are good fighters and they did attempt a defense... they did stubbornly fight for many systems and used guerilla tactics quite effectively."

AGGRO experienced some setbacks as well. During one operation, they lost 2 motherships to a "neutral" fleet comprised of KrautbreaK, Karma and Cult of War capsuleers. "We were shooting some towers and were noticed, so they dropped a big cap fleet on us: we had 4 motherships on the field, 2 of them were saved, and 2 lost. We all took it well, hotdrops are very common now." said 5n4keyes describing the event.

During the last phases of the war, UNL moved most of their assets to the H-ADOC system and are now in the process of re-organizing.

Concerning UNL's future, Eve's Prophet said: "We'll fly in Curse for some month, We need to change everything in the alliance now: new rules, maybe new corps. Plans are big and we really want to fight back... We lived in Immensea from our start, it is like a historical place for us."

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