Upcoming Change to Facility Pricing

As a simple measure with the intent of reducing the hoarding of Facilities (Offices, Research Slots, Factories) the prices NPCs charge for each facility will soon respond to demand. We will be watching the effects this has on availability and pricing, tuning parameters as needed. To start with however:

  • There is a base price below which the price will not fall. This has been set to the existing prices for all facilities. Factories were not all the same so the average of roughly 40k was used.

  • When there are no slots of a given type available the price will rise by a small margin each day.

  • When there are at least 2 slots of a given type available the price will drop (observing rule 1) each day.

  • You will only need to pay the new price when you renew your rent.

This is not dependent on the next patch to Tranquility and may start before (or after), at which point we will post a news item. If you have any unanswered questions please post in this dev blog and I'll do my best to answer.