Watch the first SCL PVP tournament on February 23 - 24

The Syndicate Competitive League (SCL) starts the season with a two day long inaugural tournament on February 23rd, 2013, at 16:00 UTC and continues February 24th – a fully commented live stream, 55 billion ISK prize and CCP support is included!

8 teams will fight on Saturday and Sunday in a double elimination tournament over a massive prize of 50 billion ISK and 30 PLEX. Spectators on the high quality stream can win additional 5 billion ISK. CCP supports this tournament by adding technical assistance such as an improved match overview.

The SCL is a fully competitive, player organized PVP League designed to host regular matches and weekend tournaments in an exciting and easy accessible way, thus addressing increased player demand of high quality PVP and tournament streaming.

Don’t miss the fun and tune in! The live stream is available during the tournament times here.