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Wildly Inappropriate Moves Into Geminate

8K-CHA, GEMINATE - Wildly Inappropriate WI has confirmed a full scale invasion of Geminate, initiated on 07.4.111, is underway. The news follows weeks of increased WI activity and invasion rumors in the Geminate region.

Reports from the region indicate that WI successfully uprooted Idle Empire IDLE from the area within forty-eight hours and are currently targeting Ethereal Dawn's ED control towers in the 8K-CHA constellation as well as United Freeman Alliance UFA fleets. Currently ED's sovereignty has dropped in three of 8K-CHA's seven systems.

"As a growing alliance our goal is to expand to a more reasonable sized area of operation than our current holdings in Branch," stated WI diplomat Tomcat. "...being our first offensive operation as an alliance, this also creates a public identity for WI and what we can be capable of. This also allows us a more strategic beach-head for longer term pvp operations."

The attack on ED space in Geminate coincides with Majesta Empire's (also a Northern Coalition alliance) assault on ED control towers in the LS-JEP system in Vale of the Silent. Both attacks have garnered little resistance from ED according to WI. "The space is not much value to us at all," emphasized ED CEO Ralian Gelian. "LS-JEP is pretty useless space aside from the cosmos constellation next door."

According to Gelian there has been little concern for the area given that "we have much bigger targets to focus on." Ethereal Dawn and sister alliance Intrepid Crossing IRC are currently engaged in a fierce conflict with Red Alliance RA and several smaller factions in both Etherium Reach and Insmother. Gelian believes the Northern Coalition attacks are intended to "pull us off our current campaign vs RA, which really hasn't slowed us down much at all."

It is unknown as to where the WI invasion armada will turn once the mostly uncontested invasion of 8K-CHA concludes.

Analysts have already recognized that the fall of 8K-CHA allows for direct, conventional access to NK-AOZ - the larger of UFA's two constellations. While WI is keeping all information concerning the potential for an invasion of NK-AOZ classified, the possibility certainly exists given the moderate amount of fighting taking place between WI and UFA. Last week's battles leaned in WI's favor with the destruction of three UFA carriers.

At this moment Tomcat believes the majority of UFA's fleet has been "pinned down" in the K25-XD system of NK-AOZ - their sole station system in Geminate.

"The thought that first comes to mind is 'as planned'," stated Tomcat when asked to speculate on the invasion's outcome. "Everything thus far has been executed perfectly ...everything is right on schedule."

UFA is taking a wait-and-see approach to the conflict and indicated they were aware of the impending invasion well in advance. According to Gendril, a UFA CEO, no UFA towers have been aggressed and any losses sustained up to this point have been insignificant. However, he noted that WI's numerical advantage has been a factor.

Attempts to contact IDLE for a statement were unsuccesful.

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