Wine Support For Mac - Try It Today!

In an effort to offer more officially supported ways to play EVE on Mac, we're now providing support for Wine in addition to Cider.

To make things simple for all our users who're playing EVE via Mac, the launcher will take care of this all for you, it's simply a matter of selecting which one you'd like to use in your EVE Launcher preferences. 

You'll need launcher version 1016420 or newer in order to utilize Wine, and it's as simple as selecting preferences from the EVE Launcher Menu, and selecting Wine as the wrapper you'd like to use.

Our goal is to offer additional supported ways to play EVE on Mac, and as such we'd like your feedback on this and how it's working. Head on over to the EVE Technokogy and research center, where CCP Snorlax has set up a feedback thread for our Mac users to post any feedback and issues on how this is working.