6th Alliance Tournament Semi Finals Are Complete | EVE Online

6th Alliance Tournament Semi Finals Are Complete

2009-02-08 - Por Svarthol

Semi Finals are complete and R.U.R. will face Pandemic Legion in the Finals to be held at 21:30.

Semi Finalists made a good showing with R.U.R. claiming a victory in a hard fought match against G00DFELLAS. Both teams starting the match on the beacon cost G00DFELLAS one of their Nighthawks as it was quickly primaried and destroyed. A boundary violation by another Nighthawk may have tipped the balance towards R.U.R.

In the Ev0ke vs. Pandemic Legion match, Ev0ke's decision to take out the Pandemic Legion Claymore first rather than begin working on the Vexor Navy Issues cost them the match as the Ev0ke team could not keep up with the damage dealt to them by the Vexor drones and blasters.

Match reports can be found here.