Alliance Tournament XIV Schedule Update | EVE Online

Alliance Tournament XIV Schedule Update

2016-07-01 - Por CCP Logibro

After monitoring feedback from the community, we have made the decision to adjust the dates for Alliance Tournament XIV.

The tournament will now be held over three weekends rather than four, starting on the 1st of October and finishing on the 16th of October. Our original intention was to run the tournament over four weeks, but since that is not possible due to scheduling conflicts this year, moving to three weekends gives us some additional options for when to host and we feel that this time period would be better. The first weekend will not be broadcast directly by EVE TV, while the remaining two will be broadcast with a full CCP hosted stream.

Please be aware that this also moves the period that we require commentators to be available to fly to Iceland to those dates.

We are also pushing back the alliance member cutoff to July 6 if you wish to participate. If you are unable to move to the correct alliance before then, please file a support ticket under CCP Community Team or email before that date.

The commentator application deadline has also been pushed back to July 11. These are both being pushed further back to allow players that were not preparing due to date clashes with the previous dates time to make themselves ready.

To reflect these changes, the tournament announcement dev blog has been fully updated here. Further information on the tournament and rules will be forthcoming next week.