Alliances and Warfare pt. 2 | EVE Online

Alliances and Warfare pt. 2

2004-01-21 - Por CCP TomB

After much debate on the standing based alliance and corporation warfare system we have come up with a new design proposal for it. We will rather have alliances work similar to corporations than having it standing based and also allowing corporations to have the option of single war declaration.


They will be build up similar as corporations meaning one corporation would be the assigned leader of the alliance and have the option to invite or accept new corporations into the alliance or kick from it (allowing alliance leader to assign roles and titles to other corporations could be added to the system or come in later), and assign the name of the alliance.

All alliance members will be affected by wars from other members; if Corporation A from Alliance A is at war with Corporation X, all Corporations in Alliance A will be at war with Corporation X. No matter if Corporation A or X declared the war.

Corporation Warfare

We will reduce single side war declarations to 1 war per corporation, and add cost paid to CONCORD for every week. If the corporation fails to pay the cost, the war stops.

If a corporation in an alliances declares war, the corporation has to pay for every single corporation member in the alliance (cost is simply multiplied with the corporation number).

This would both make it more difficult to the single man corporation war declaration as well as having alt-corporations in the alliance to declare more wars, simply because of cost.