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Ardishapur to begin empire-wide speaking tour

2010-04-13 - Por Svarthol

The Ardishapur Family announced that Yonis Ardishapur will tour the Empire over the coming weeks. The royal heir, whose recent success within the Ammatar Mandate has led to high popularity in that domain, is planning on speaking engagements in a variety of venues and locations.

Coming on the heels of his actions following the terrorist bombing that claimed the life of High Deacon Mervan Moritok, the heir expressed a desire to "connect with the true people of Amarr and revitalize their faith and loyalty." After discussion with his advisers, it was decided that the speaking tour will allow the Heir to reach the broadest audience.

Over thirty dates have already been announced, with Ardishapur making up to three appearances on the same day in some cases. Demand is likely to be high, as admission is to be free of charge.

The heir has dismissed worries that the extensive tour will affect his governance of House Ardishapur's domains, including the extensive Ammatar Mandate. "I have many capable administrators and governors ruling the family lands. [Heir-Designate] Arim Ardishapur will be overseeing things in my stead."