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ATLAS Titan Downed in H-W9TY

2010-05-17 - Por Svarthol

H-W9TY, Tribute - An ATLAS Leviathan-class titan was destroyed by a Northern Coalition force of more than 400 ships drawn from over 20 alliances during early morning fighting on 12.05.112.

H-W9TY is the capital system of Morsus Mihi, a major Northern Coalition alliance and the current apparent focus of the Southern Coalition invasion effort, which is meeting very heavy resistance.

Sources from both sides confirm that the ATLAS titan was safely within a control tower’s shields when an incoming Revelation dreadnought collided with it, causing it to drift outside the protective bubble.

NC forces quickly warped in and engaged the unprotected ship. The titan's pilot, Beehatch, attempted to return to his protected position as the Northern Coalition forces; the titan managed to make it back inside the tower's shields but then apparently suffered a second collison and continued to drift until it was exposed again.

Four Southern Coalition carriers allegedly made it to the scene and attempted to repair the titan as it came under the focused fire of the entire assembled NC fleet and were themselves trapped and destroyed after the Northern Coalition fleet finished off the ATLAS Leviathan.

GalNet References

ATLAS Battle Record
Northern Coalition Battle Record

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