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Caldari Business Tribunal Launches Enquiry Into Sukuuvestaa Attacks

2009-12-08 - Por Svarthol

Maurasi - Following the recent incidents at Sukuuvestaa holdings throughout the Caldari State and its held regions, the Caldari Business Tribunal are initiating its own review of the events and Sukuuvestaa's security protocols. The announcement has been met with criticism from Sukuuvestaa and several other megacorporations.

The past month has seen multiple attacks against Sukuuvestaa Corporation and its subsidiary security force, the Peace and Order Unit, including the bombing of a Sukuuvestaa station in the Arvasaras system. The megacorporation has launched an internal investigation rumored to operate on a budget of tens of millions of ISK, and vastly increased the spending for its Security division and the Peace and Order Unit.

Criticism has been directed at the CBT following the announcement.

"The CBT has the right to enquire into the matters of the State's corporations, but this is not a matter it needs to concern itself with," says Oilenen Inuki, head of public relations at Sukuuvestaa.

"Hyasyoda stands on a foundation of the traditions of self-governance and independence," said a spokesperson for the Hyasyoda Corporation. "We value the government of the State, but this is not a matter for the CBT."

A response from Wiyrkomi stated, "We do not believe that security matters such as those endured by Sukuuvestaa should concern the CBT or other state entities. Should the matter become a threat to the stability of the Caldari State, we are confident that SuVee would welcome assistance."

"The CBT will not impose itself upon Sukuuvestaa," explained Auvulatoh Vaira, Principal Clerk of the Caldari Business Tribunal. "We will not interfere with any internal efforts of Sukuuvestaa.  We are simply looking to answer a series of questions that we feel need to be addressed."