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Caldari citizens respond to invasion

2008-06-10 - Por Svarthol

New Caldari - The Caldari people remained solemnly glued to the news networks as they watched the Amarr defend against the Minmatar invasion. In a show of solidarity with the Amarr Empire several statements of support have issued forth from the State over the last hour.

Events took a sudden turn when those same screens were suddenly filled with footage of grey-hued Caldari Navy vessels pouring over Federation borders. Vast arrays of Federation surveillance drones, normally used to transmit live traffic information, have instead been relaying live feeds of their own homeland being invaded.

The response from the Caldari population has been electric. Workers and managers have laid down tools and headed for the nearest broadcast screen to watch the proceedings, and reports indicate that Gallente flags are being solemnly burnt all across the State. The Caldari media have been broadcasting one particularly poignant scene, depicting workers crowding round a bonfire quietly throwing any Federation paraphernalia they can find on it. No voices are raised but the intensity of the stares are not lost on anyone.