Caldari Ghostbird SKINs Now Available! | EVE Online

Caldari Ghostbird SKINs Now Available!

2018-06-05 - Por CCP Falcon

We're happy to announce that a new set of SKINs are now available in the New Eden Store for all Caldari ships!

The 'Ghostbird' SKIN line is available at the following PLEX prices:

  • 55 PLEX - Frigate, Cruiser & Battlecruiser SKINs
  • 110 PLEX - Battleship SKINs
  • 250 PLEX - Capital SKINs

We also have a Ghostbird 'Marksman' bundle on offer containing these SKINs for the Tengu, Ferox and Rokh which is on sale for 198 PLEX.

In addition to these new SKINs, the Bloody Handds line will be retired from the store at 11:00 UTC on June 12th.

These SKINs are all currently at a 25% discount, so if you'd like to grab them for your collection, be sure to do so before they're retired!