Capsuleer Fortitude Reward | EVE Online

Capsuleer Fortitude Reward

2020-02-24 - Por CCP Dopamine

Fortitudinous Capsuleers,

Thank you, valiant pilots, for your support and understanding throughout the recent DDoS attacks. The fortitude shown by New Eden's finest in the face of adversity is both inspiring and deeply appreciated.

As compensation for the playing time lost as a result of the recent DDoS attacks, you will be given the Capsuleer Fortitude Reward. Alpha Capsuleers will receive 100,000 Skill Points as a login reward, and Omega Capsuleers will receive the same Alpha reward, plus 250,000 more to bring their total to 350,000 Skill Points.

You can claim your Capsuleer Fortitude Reward between Monday 24 February downtime and Monday 9 March downtime.

Fly safe and fly proud!