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Capsuleer Outer Region Political Summary

2011-04-11 - Por Svarthol

Y113.03.01 - Y113.03.31.

On-going fighting between the Drone Region Forces (DRF) and the Northern Coalition (NC) over control of the Geminate region saw the fiercest fighting of March, with 19,382 ships being destroyed as a result of conflict between capsuleers. Whilst less than the 25,425 of February this is several times the average seen in YC112 of only 8,002 ships destroyed per month as a result of such activity.

The 20th of the month saw a colossal battle take place within the O2O-2X system in which the defending DRF successfully fought off an assault from the NC. This resulted in the loss of eight NC titans and four on the side of the DRF, a loss of titans matched only by the Valentine's Day Massacre last month in nearby low security space.

Fountain has seen a significant amount of conflict between capsuleers with 12,624 ships destroyed there throughout the month. In excess of five thousand of these were being piloted by capsuleers flying under the banner of the region's primary sovereignty holder, Test Alliance Please Ignore (TEST).

Further south, the former IT Alliance territories of Delve and Querious are still in a state of significant instability. Atlas alliance had attempted to settle within Querious with the support of their allies Against All Authorities and Cascade Imminent. They held six stations there at peak but have since lost these to Pandemic Legion who appear to be the dominant force in the area.

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