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Capsuleers Pledge Seyllin Aid

2009-03-19 - Por Svarthol

Seyllin, Essence - In the aftermath of the Seyllin I disaster, capsuleer organisations and independent pilots voiced their readiness to assist survivors of the incident via GalNet.

Many capsuleers volunteered to assist authorities directly, or to supply aid and resources for the survivors. One of the first pledges of supplies and assistance came from Damith d'Estelas on behalf of Strix Armaments and Defence, a corporation loyal to the Gallente Federation.

Ms. D'Estelas also spoke briefly to commend the efforts of all involved with the evacuation effort, making specific mention of the assistance rendered by the Serpentis Corporation, and their unexpected and quick response to the disaster.

Strix's pledge was quickly echoed by fellow Federation loyalist Faraelle Brightman of Placid Reborn, who volunteered her corporation's assistance with the evacuation of personnel: "At about 10:00 today, Placid Reborn mobilized two Iteron class haulers to fly to Essence and assist the evacuation of Seyllin I...Attempts were made to additionaly mobilize a freighter that unfortunately could not happen in time."

White Rose Society, a capsuleer corporation known to have loyalties with Sansha's Nation, also extended their hands in the form of a 'Personal Request' by CEO Vikarion urging an end to speculation over the disaster, and pledging supplies to the survivors "...Now, while I grant that the situation does not lend itself to a large number of survivors, or even to a collection of the dead, certainly there must be some need in the system for such things as antibiotics, food, water, and so forth. I am quite a distance away, but if anyone could please list the needed items, White Rose Society would love to help. I'm trying to put together some shipments now."

Due to the nature of the disaster, and the deaths of some half a billion people on the surface of Seyllin I due to the plasma event, the chilling reality soon set in that relief was likely no longer required. Many of the rescue efforts were apparently directed to stand down as it appeared doubtful that anybody was left alive on the planet to save.

Verin "Stitcher" Hakatain of Forge Industries agreed: "I hate being a spectator as well, but the crisis is over, effectively. There's nothing more to be done..."

Of the estimated half a billion inhabitants of Seyllin I, only half a million were successfully evacuated.

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