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Capsuleers React To Slave Emancipation

2009-01-30 - Por Svarthol

Amarr, Domain - It has been several weeks since the historic announcement by the Amarr throne that has emancipated countless numbers of slaves across the Empire, and it has already attracted some controversy inside the Empire itself, as well as among the Capsuleer community.

Lord Aralis, former CEO of the Curatores Veritatis Alliance based in Providence, gave his own personal opinions on the subject: "I was initially shocked. The implication was that most slaves would be released and that this was some drastic change of policy. It seems to me that 9th generation slaves would actually be the bulk of the slave population... I'm surprised such a mass freeing would happen in one go but it is not unusual for new Emperors to make a few major announcements to set the tone for their reign. Not of course that it matters what I think. The Empress speaks with the voice of God."

Another prominent group of Amarrian loyalist Capsuleers, Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris, represented by Admiral Rodj Blake, gave their somewhat differing views on the emancipation: "We of course support the Empress in her decision to emancipate a number of slaves, and will comply with it completely... I do not believe that it will have a significant economical impact for a number of reasons. Firstly, the number of individuals affected is relatively small when compared to the total slave population. Secondly, I imagine that a number of the freed slaves will take paid employment with their former masters or elsewhere in the Empire. And lastly, any shortfall in the working population can be compensated by acquiring new slave stock from outside the Empire, as per the Empress' previous declaration regarding a recommencement of the Reclaiming."

On the other side of the issue are the Capsuleers fighting on behalf of the Matari people of the Minmatar Republic, who would benefit most from the Emancipation. Like the Amarrian Capsuleers, they too are fighting both on the front lines of the Amarrian-Minmatar war and in more independent conflicts versus the Amarr. Electus Matari is one such organisation.

Elsebeth Rhiannon, a diplomat for Electus Matari, gave her general views on the Emancipation: "I am not sure what this changes. Some slaves are free, which is a good thing no matter how you view it, but it is a minor and a very specific subpopulation, and no change to the Empire's stance on slavery in general seems to be in the works... I called it a 'nice gesture', but I am not sure if it is even that; judging from the public comments it is not aimed as a sign of good will to the Republic. I do not know what the Empress is after, but I am not sure it is about the international situation." She finished the statement in agreement with her Amarrian counterpart in PIE: "In addition, it will increase demand for slaves which might in fact increase slave raids."

Ushra'Khan is a more militant Pro-Matari organisation, infamous for its long-standing racially-charged territorial feud in Providence versus CVA, which ended in defeat for the Matari factions. Despite this, the organisation is still active in its dedicated fight against the Amarr Empire to free all slaves. One of their diplomats, Kerth Gersen, explained its stance on the emancipation: "It is far from sufficient; As anyone with any familiarity with Ushra'Khan knows, we fight for the freedom of all slaves." Explained Gersen, "I'd like to emphasize that the economic impact is a distraction -- one can be assured that the Empress has had sufficient due diligence done to be prepared to take advantages of the economic impact.  The same is true of Amarrian politics: there will be power games in which this announcement plays a role of some scale. But in the end there remain millions of slaves still yearning for freedom. Those poor souls are not assuaged by this, for their own suffering continues. And as long as that is true, Ushra'Khan has work to do."

Our next report will focus on how the capsuleers of the Gallente and Caldari have reacted to the news of the emancipation.

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