Community Beat for 19 November | EVE Online

Community Beat for 19 November

2021-11-19 - Por EVE Online Community Team

Welcome once again, Capsuleers, to the Community Beat!

Since the last Beat we’ve seen champions rise to the top of the Alliance Tournament, a new destination to go for all of EVE’s lore, massive player battles, lives changed at EVE London and more! Keep reading for a glimpse of just a few of the exciting things happening in and around EVE Online since the last Community Beat.

Alliance Tournament XVII Comes to a Close

After over 36 hours of tournament broadcast, one team rose to the top of the 75 alliances which registered to compete. Huge congratulations to Hydra Reloaded on their successful victory and breaking their second-place curse. The Alliance Tournament monument in Manarq has already been updated with a new winner’s plinth in their honor. Hydra Reloaded last won the Alliance Tournament in 2011 during Alliance Tournament IX.

Alliance Tournament XVIII has already been announced for next year, so we look forward to seeing you all in the arena in 2022!

EVE Universe

A new website has been launched with the goal of being a one-stop shop for all EVE Online lore. The new EVE Universe website is loaded with information and stories about everything happening behind the scenes in New Eden and you can even find evidence of these stories in game, such as the haphazardly assembled stargate in the system of Old Man Star. You can read all about the incredible story behind what it took to build it in the Old Man Star chronicle.

Take some time to read up on the history of New Eden and go take a look for evidence of those events in-game! What you find might surprise you, and, perhaps in some cases, terrify you in equal measure.

0SHT-A Battle Report

While the ‘war’ is largely considered over, the fighting is not. PAPI and Imperium forces clashed in the system of 0SHT-A in the region of Curse on the evening of 11 November. Over 2,000 pilots were involved in the fight as PAPI forces attempted to destroy a Fortizar which had been used by Initiative to strike at the PAPI back lines during the war. The Imperium defense held strong against the assault and PAPI took high losses while being unable to take their main objective.

Imperium forces clearing PAPI attackers from the D87E-A Gate | Source: Imperium News

In the end, PAPI forces lost 526 ships totaling over 76 billion ISK in value, while Imperium forces defended their Fortizar and lost only 245 ships worth approximately 17 billion ISK in comparison. You can read more about the battle from our partner INN in their article 0SHT-A Hits the Fan

Partner Spotlight – Ashterothi

Greetings fellow Empyreans! Ashterothi is a longtime EVE streamer and podcaster whose shows are packed full of fantastic information and discussions about EVE history, lore, and game design. This past week Ashterothi met with CCP Aurora and CCP Swift to discuss the recent Alliance Tournament and a bit about the day-to-day work of being a Community Developer.

You can catch the interview here and more of Ashterothi’s streams and in-depth EVE discussions at

A Match Made in Pochven

Our heartfelt congratulations to a couple at EVE London last week who got engaged during the event with a matching pair of Triglavian rings! These players met during the Invasion as they fought on the side of the Triglavians, and fittingly, each ring is a custom piece engraved with Triglavian script.

We knew EVE had an uncanny ability to forge friendships, but it seems on rare, lucky occasions it can go so much further.

Blood Raiding in Style

And last of all we wanted to give a shout out to a player who made a sick Blood Raider inspired PC case mod to celebrate this year’s Crimson Harvest. Xenontechs handcrafted this excellent design to grace his new PC case. We hope the Red God brings his in-game blood raiding good fortune.

Please pray for our IT department who are now having to shoot down our requests for custom case mods for our office computers.

That's all for this installment. Head on over to the EVE Online forums to chat and share your stories, or check out EVE Pulse for a different look at what’s going on in EVE!