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Community Team – The road ahead

2011-10-21 - Por CCP Navigator

Following the announcement by CCP Manifest on Wednesday, October 19 concerning the goals of CCP and the downsizing of staff, it became clear to many players that the EVE Community team was one of those affected. The loss of our colleagues, friends and mentors has saddened us greatly and we wish them all the very best for the future.

So what is happening with the Community team now? Will players see less communication from CCP on the development of EVE?

Absolutely not. The Community team has merged with Customer Support to create the Customer Relations wing of CCP. Hilmar, the CEO of CCP, recently stated in an interview with Eurogamer, ‘ By centralizing customer support and community we have more people doing community work than we did before. Being co-located with the developers allows the information within the community groups to have a much more direct effect on the development process.’ The Community team are now located in our Reykjavik office and will be working closely with every development team to ensure that players are kept up to date with what is coming to EVE.

Over the next couple of weeks we will bring you a series of short video blogs which will focus on work in progress and what is in development for EVE Online. We will be increasing our communication with players on the EVE forums, EVE Twitter and EVE Facebook pages, and making sure that the increased communication momentum you’ve witnessed is maintained. We will be working closely with all departments to bring you Dev Blogs, expansion notes and up to date news. We are going to open Russian and German forum sections to help support our localized clients. We will maintain close relationships with our Fansites and be available to talk to them as usual. Several weeks ago we also started planning for the return of a volunteer moderator program. This plan is still in the design stage and we hope to bring you a blog on it in the coming weeks. The new volunteer moderator team will have a different role than before and will not be in a position to ban other players accounts or see any alts. We understand that this is something players are concerned about so we will be providing you with a very in depth blog explaining their role over the coming weeks.

CCP Guard, CCP Shadow, CCP Spitfire, CCP Phantom and myself are here and committed to providing you with the best level of service. We will maintain a high profile in all sections of the forums and will monitor for issues that are effecting your game play and report them to the correct department. We will gather feedback on issues which players are passionate about and send them to the teams responsible.

We would like to thank you in advance for your support while we work through these difficult times.

The EVE Community team.


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