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CONCORD declares naming committee for the new regions.

2007-09-27 - Por Svarthol

In a surprise move at a press conference today CONCORD delegate Ashiro Nakuyama announced the beginning of a ‘capsuleer outreach’ program. Critics see this as a shrewd move by the powerful organization responsible for Empire security and stability which in the past has criticized much of the independent capsuleer community for being at the top of their most wanted lists.

The delegate went on to briefly explain the continued rogue drone threat and the sheer potential of a mass incursion from the new regions that was realised when, with what CONCORD is referring to as the Activation event, the gates to the new regions spontaneously opened. Mr Nakuyama explained that the capsuleer presence in these areas seems to have had a detrimental effect on the rogue drone population, in effect acting as a population control mechanism.

To reflect these efforts and in a olive branch to the capsuleer organizations he announced that CONCORD will be accepting applicants to the long awaited naming committee for the new regions.

To qualify an applicant must either be the executor or sponsored by an executor of an alliance which holds sovereignty in the region(s). Mr Nakuyama was at pains to explain that there were a limited number of seats which would be decided upon such factors as territory controlled, position of said territory and level of sovereignty achieved.

The full rules for the application process and resultant decision making can be found here.

Questioned by the assembled press as to whether CONCORD had anything further to disclose about the activation event or the rogue drone threat Mr Nakuyama declined to make further comment.