Doriam Kor-Azor Inaugurated as other heirs commit Shathol'Syn - Ceremony disturbed | EVE Online

Doriam Kor-Azor Inaugurated as other heirs commit Shathol'Syn - Ceremony disturbed

2003-11-29 - Por Svarthol

At an undisclosed location today, Emperor Doriam Kor-Azor was inaugurated in what has been described as the most tense moment in modern Amarr history. Doriam's first duty was to order the other Amarr heirs to commit Shathol’Syn, or ritual suicide. When only Jamyl Sarum remained left to end her life, Sarum fleet warships interrupted the ceremony. Combat broke out in what was intended to be a highly secure venue as unknown assailants launched missiles at Doriam's ship. It seems, as the assailants were working on their own, as Sarum ordered them off and prematurely committed suicide before naming the heir to succeed her dynasty. By not naming a heir, Jamyl has left her estate ownerless, her fleet and personal militia without a leader. After Sarum's death, the ceremony continued as planned with Doriam making his first speech as new Emperor of Amarr:

Fellow Amarrians.

God has given me a great duty and I relish the challenges before me. Chords of disharmony have been struck in our foreign and domestic dealings these last few weeks and my first duty is to find the right tune for us to follow.

Through negotiations and goodwill we can bring everlasting peace and prosperity to our own and other domains. By focusing on the things we have in common, rather than those that split us apart, we can find a common ground acceptable to us all.

Under my guidance the Amarr Empire will be great once more and take its rightful place at the head of states, as is its divine duty. We will lead by example and the other empires will follow.

With us at the helm universal cooperation will ensure that everyone reaps the rewards that peace brings. That is my will and that is why god chose me as your emperor.