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E-ON Apocrypha Goodie Giveaway!

2009-03-13 - Por Svarthol

It's Apocrypha's first weekend and as expansions tend to draw the crowds, it's likely to be a busy couple of days across the new and old systems of New Eden. Maybe we'll even reach a new PCU!

To commemorate the occasion, E-ON magazine is running a competition to win various EVE goodies. What they want are your screenshots. The best screenshots get published in the next magazine (out next month), and the winners receive the prizes - it's as simple as that. You'll need to be running the Premium version of the client, and have the user interface turned off (ALT-F9 toggles) before pressing Print Screen. Also, make sure you make a note of where you as you may have to write a sentence or two about what you were up to when the screenshot was taken before emailing it all to E-ON's editor.

Find out more at the E-ON blog site: //zapatero.wordpress.com/