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E-ON Awards - let primary voting commence

2008-03-02 - Por Svarthol

The voting page for the E-ON Awards is now up. For anyone who doesn't know what the awards are all about, just think of them like you would any collective backslap, except the nominees were all suggested by the players rather than some obscure academy council. Bear in mind that whilst we call them the 2008 awards, you are voting for the best corps, alliances, sites and personalities from last year.

Voting will stay open until March 2nd (midnight GMT) with the winners announced on April 5th at two player meets, one in London the other in Philadelphia. Results will of course be published in the next issue of the magazine and the winners will, should they desire it, receive one of these really very gorgeous laser-etched trophies. Here's a reminder of who won first time around.

Good luck to the nominees - and please vote safe.

UPDATE Feb 13: Apologies to The Cosmopolite (Fiction Writer nominee) and Joerd Toastius (Guide Writer nominee) who were left out of their respective Award categories when voting for the E-ON Awards opened yesterday. This oversight has been fixed and we remind players that since votes can be amended up until closing, those who wish to switch votes, or who now wish to now register their votes, now can.

UPDATE Feb 25: One week to go until voting closes!