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EVE Turns 18 – Happy Capsuleer Day!

2021-05-06 - Por EVE Online Team

Celebratory Capsuleers,

EVE Online is 18! This is a massive milestone, marking 18 years since the dawn of the Capsuleer Age and the launch of EVE Online for the very first time. History continues to be made every day in New Eden by players around the globe. Even the past year - as difficult as it has been at times - has highlighted just how amazing the Capsuleer community is. With Guiness World Record breaking battles, COVID-19 research through Project Discovery, and PLEX For Good to name just a few, it’s clear that the star of the show is, and always will be, you, the pilots of New Eden.

In-Game Events

To celebrate the awesome players of EVE Online on this monumental occasion, you can get involved in plenty of activities in-game with the new sites, special challenges, and a unique 18-player free for all Proving Grounds event. Logging in each day of the celebrations through to 18 May will also net you daily gifts, with up to 450k Skill Points up for grabs for Omega, so make sure you take advantage!

The new event sites are going to be available in all areas of space including wormholes. These exciting events will give you the chance to take on and destroy Capital Shipyards and Information Outposts owned by the terrorist group, the Equilibrium of Mankind (EoM). Expect to be rewarded with new SKINs, cerebral accelerators, and more. Be warned, though, the combat sites are tuned for battlecruisers and above so make sure you’re ready to take on the challenge!

Exploration pilots should be on the lookout for the new data hacking event sites in New Eden. Those will appear in high, low and null security space. Be warned, though, while the sites won’t contain EoM NPCs, they could contain other players 😉.

The standard combat and hacking sites can be found across highsec space, with moderately more challenging and rewarding versions in nullsec and wormhole space. Finally, for the most daring pilots the deadliest EoM facilities with the greatest loot are hidden in lowsec space.

Massacre at M2-XFE Monument

Speaking of monumental occasions, the new monument to the Massacre at M2-XFE has finished construction and can now be visited in-game. This majestic structure stands as a testament to the tenacity of all Capsuleers from any frigate pilot to the 257 titan pilots who lost their ships gloriously in battle.

NES Anniversary Sale

Make sure to check out the New Eden Store in-game for a special sale. Every day from 6 to 18 May you can find a SKIN discounted down to just 18 PLEX with massive savings of over 90% off some SKINs. The offer changes each day at downtime so be sure to log in and check what’s on offer!

Streams and Social

In addition to the in-game festivities, look out for some exciting Twitch Streams to have a chance at ultra-premium rewards. To kick things off, CCP Convict will be running a Capsuleer Day livestream on Thursday 6 May at 18:00 UTC. Join us to celebrate EVE Online's birthday with the Community Team. There'll be quizzes, in-game activities and some cool prizes up for grabs as we share our memories of EVE Online from the last 18 years.

Make sure you stay tuned to EVE Online on Twitter and Facebook for more celebrations and activities around Capsuleer Day.

EVE Online may be 18 years old, but the future of New Eden is looking better and brighter than ever. Cheers to you, Capsuleers, and to another action-packed year of EVE!