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EVE TV Looking for Alliance Tournament Advertisments

2008-12-19 - Por Svarthol

As in the past, we are offering advertising slots for players to use during the live broadcast of the Alliance Tournament finals. These advertisements will be played between studio and in-game feeds and will reach a massive live audience of EVE players. Simply put: this is the biggest ad space available for EVE players and yet again it will cost you absolutely nothing to submit an advertisement.

Read the instructions below and submit your advertisement!

General Rules

  • All video and audio material must be EVE-related!
  • All music and sound effects must be from EVE Online. Due to copyright issues, we cannot and will not accept anything else. This is not negotiable.
  • The item/service being advertised must be EVE-related.
  • The advertisement must be suitable for all ages (no swearing/nudity).
  • Content must be respectable (no attack ads) and suitable for broadcast.
  • We have the final say on these issues - if your video is rejected we will say why and your welcome to try to fix it.

Technical Rules

  • 1024x576 Resolution, 1:1 aspect ratio. This is very important: advertisements will be rejected if in any other format.
  • 30 Seconds long max.
  • WMV, AVI, and MOV are acceptable formats.
  • Video quality is more important than file size. That said: don't make a 30-second long 2 gb file, please.

Copyright issues repeated

This comes up every time so this will be the final ruling and comment regarding copyright issues:

All audio must be from EVEOnline the game, this includes music and sound effects. The only exception is recording your own voice. All Video must be in-game or of your own creation completely.


As mentioned above, you can use any of EVE's music and sound effects as well as any music by RealX.

Submissions will not be accepted after 4 February 2009. To enter your submission, mail your advertisment link to evetv@ccpgames.com. Do not attach a file to your email.

More information regarding this can be found in the following thread.

Good luck to everyone!