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EVE TV Presents: News Clones

2007-10-08 - Por EVETV spiralJunkie

EVE TV is pleased to announce the formation of News Clones.

News Clones is a subsidiary wing of the growing EVE TV family, designed to bring you more news from around New Eden. Stationing reporters and correspondents across the Galaxy means we can cover more events, investigate more stories, and offer a broader scope for news.

But we need you. The EVE universe is now so huge, with so much going on, that we can never hope to cover everything on our own. Events happen in Empire, low-sec, 0.0, all across the breadth of New Eden on a daily basis and we need your help to report on it; we plan to offer broader, wider, more balanced coverage than ever before. Now that EVE TV is free and reaching a wider audience, we need to make sure as many people as possible are represented in our reports.

So do you fancy being a reporter or correspondent for News Clones and have ‘your’ news featured on EVE TV?

Of course you do. Well, here's what you get out of it, and what we need from you.

What you get:

  • Access to the coolest club in EVE. Everybody wants to be in News Clones,
  • A spiffy forum sig so everyone knows you're in the coolest club in EVE,
  • Your stories featured on EVE TV,
  • Credited as part of the EVE TV production team.

What we need from you:

  • The ability to write to a decent standard in English,
  • The commitment to submit up to six stories a month, by a certain time each week, and
  • The desire to check our internal forums two or three times a week.

By stories, we’re not talking about pages and pages of theses-length material. We’re talking about short news about the goings on in your part of New Eden, whether you’re into PvP, PvE, Role Play or whatever. From Tenal to Paragon Soul, The Forge to Cache, we need correspondents and reporters keen to spread the news.

Ok, enough of that. How do you apply?

Send a mail to apply@eve-online.tv stating:

  • Your name,
  • Your character name,
  • Your age (you have to be 18 to apply),
  • Your location (in the world, not EVE...),
  • Why you want to be a member of News Clones, and
  • Please include a 60-word news story (written by you, of course) about something that has happened recently in your neck of the woods.

Get to it. Apply.