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Excessive Pirating Inside Militia Leads to Withdrawal of CVA Support

2009-02-28 - Por Svarthol

X-R3NM – Curatores Veritatis Alliance has released a press statement announcing the alliance's intention to withdraw its support from the 24th Imperial Crusade as a result of repeated acts of piracy carried out by several pilots in the militia.

Despite diplomatic efforts including no-fly zones and compensations for neutral pilots killed by rogue militants, the ongoing pirate activity has forced CVA to follow through on its decision to cease assistance to the Imperial Crusade as a whole. CVA may still be assisting corporations within the Crusade that show a strong adherence to the Amarrian code of conduct.

Siobhan explains: "the lax recruiting restrictions of the Militia meant that many [pilots] have been attracted not for loyalty to the Empire, but for more mercenary reasons ... I certainly think the Militia has been infiltrated by spies and enemies of the Empire who have deliberate sought to sow discord and distrust between loyalists."

Minmatar warriors have acknowledged the major role CVA has played in their support of the Imperial Crusade. Lebaneur, director of one of the leading corporations inside the Minmatar Militia has said: "We've had battled with CVA - their role as the backers for the Amarr tyranny has been known for us since the beginning. That's why we've been well motivated to hit any of their operations in the war zone as well as elsewhere. The CVA has never openly joined the war - their role has been more in supporting and funding the militia but as such it has been essential in keeping the Amarr in the fight. This means we are now finally on even grounds with our enemies."

When asked about their ongoing strategy, Lebaneur said: "Our long term objectives have not faltered - we are going to redeem all the matari throughout New Eden. As for our short term objectives ... all I can say [is] that the bold venture of the informal Kri'tak (TKA) Alliance to hit the enemy behind the frontline, hampering their support lines, has been successful."

As for CVA's future plans, Siobhan stated: "We [will] continue to combat piracy in low-sec Domain and, of course, we continue to develop the infrastructure and civilization of Holy Amarrian Providence  - we continue to combat the activities of terrorists such as Ushra'Khan and Star Fraction."

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