Factional Feud in the Proving Grounds!  | EVE Online

Factional Feud in the Proving Grounds! 

2023-01-11 - Por EVE Online Team

Fractious capsuleers, 

Coat yourself in camo and prove your potential in the next exciting Abyssal Proving Ground event, colliding in fierce 1v1 combat aboard the four Empires’ ruthless navy battlecruisers! 

This event begins at 11:00 UTC on 14 January, and runs until 11:00 UTC on 16 January. 

The ruleset is as follows: 

  • Only the Prophecy Navy Issue, Ferox Navy Issue, Brutix Navy Issue, Cyclone Fleet Issue, Harbinger Navy Issue, Drake Navy Issue, Myrmidon Navy Issue, and Hurricane Fleet Issue may enter this event. 
  • 100% bonus to afterburner speed boost. 
  • 50% reduction to overheat damage taken by modules. 
  • Pilots receive 100 million ISK payout per match where they deal at least 10,000 damage. 
  • Sensor dampeners, weapon disruptors, shield boost amplifier, recharger, power relay, and flux coil modules, and core defense field purger rigs cannot be fitted. 
  • Maximum of one local repair module per ship (shield or armor). 
  • Modules and implants are restricted to meta level 5 and below. 

Bolster your battlecruisers, grab your Proving Ground Filaments (found in Abyssal Deadspace, Pochven, or on the in-game market) and let loose your full fury as you rage for glorification, climbing the leaderboard and earning special rewards!