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Fanfest HOME - Video contest

2018-09-14 - Por CCP Guard

Wonderful space friends!

In 2019 we are taking EVE on the road and dropping into major player hubs around the world to connect with our global community and have fun! We've discussed this before on a high level and will reveal more details at EVE Vegas next month (see you there!)

One of these events will be quite special!

We're going to host an EVE Fanfest in a player's house! I'm sure you have a lot of questions...

*"How can such a massive and legendary event fit inside a person's house?" *

"Will CCP employ its patented ORE compression technology to make it fit?"

"Where do I sign up??"

Not all your questions can be answered right here and now but here's what you need to know at this point in time:

This will be a proper Fanfest like the ones you've attended annually or watched on live streams since 2004! It will have CCP developers, it will have a Keynote, it will have a Permaband performance, it will have a roundtable, there will be swag from the EVE store, there will be a party, a pub crawl, there will be a charity dinner, there will be a live stream so all of you can watch and take part! We'll obviously scale everything down to home-size but without sacrificing any of the content or character of a proper Fanfest! We won't sell tickets to your house, but you can invite a few friends over to make it a proper Fanfest (we won't charge them at the door).

Our lawyers strongly advised us to not make this a surprise event and to make sure we have consent from the player whose house we plan to enter.

That's why we decided to do a video contest!


Here's how you enter the contest:

  1. Create a video to convince us to do Fanfest HOME in your home
  2. Send the video or a download link to before October 12.
  3. Include your real name, home address and the name of one of your characters in the mail to us.
  4. In the E mail, write any additional reasons for why your place would be a good choice and include any information that you think is relevant to us

Rules (read carefully):

  1. You must be 18 or older (of legal age in your country) to enter the contest
  2. Your video must not offend human decency, reflect negatively on our community or game, and must be suitable for all ages
  3. The contest runs from today until October 12
  4. Past or present CCP employees are not eligible (sorry Curtis)
  5. Upon submission you waive all rights you may have to the submitted video and grant CCP an irrevocable right to own, use or edit the video without further compensation to you
  6. No use of copyrighted audio or visuals is allowed and you assume full responsibility should any disputes arise
  7. All videos submitted become the property of CCP and can be used in any way the company wants, forever, across all known and yet-to-be-invented media
  8. If, for any reason, the fairness or integrity of the contest is questioned, or CCP's administration or fulfillment of the contest becomes impracticable, CCP reserves the right to terminate or modify the contest, and to disqualify any individual who tampers with the registration process or the administration of the contest
  9. Any and all disputes arising out of, or in connection with this contest will be handled on an individual basis and in accordance with the laws of Iceland.
  10. Contest void where prohibited or restricted by law, and all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations apply.
  11. CCP may use your physical and/or e-mail address to contact you
  12. The results will be decided by a broad panel of experts at CCP and the results will be announced at EVE Vegas 2018
  13. You enter the contest by sending us your video and thereby agree to these rules
  14. You must be willing to sign a simple contract with CCP regarding dates and logistics if you win

Video format and specs

  1. Videos can be anywhere between 30-60 seconds long
  2. If you are using Royalty Free / Creative Commons audio then credit the author somewhere in the end plate of your video. An end plate is where you typically put your Logo, Url and such.
  3. Label your video file appropriately to make our lives easier. Example: AngryConcordGuysHouse2019.mp4
  4. You must include the source of any audio in your email to us, even if you are not required to credit the author.
  5. You can send us videos in any format as long as the file is working and playable on a PC computer, we want you to be able to take part even if you're not a pro video maker (phone videos are fine). Mp4 is a favorite format ofc.

That's it! Let the games begin and we look forward to seeing your videos and showing some of them at EVE Vegas October 19-21!

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