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Formal request to Fed Senate for increased Placid security

2005-10-28 - Por Svarthol

PLACID. A formal Citizen Petition was submitted to the Gallente Federation Senate demanding increased security across solar systems in this region, signed by several millions of residents. A copy of the petition uploaded to GalNet has received the support of several pod-pilots who call Placid “home”.

According to the petition, “the Placid region has great potential for trade, industry, and yes, even research. The people living there are entitled to the same freedom and the same protection as any other Federation Citizen. Yet the people of the Placid region are suffering. CONCORD does not patrol the systems as often or as thoroughly as they should there, nor does the Federation Navy. Pirates infest the region, lay waste to transport ships, and threaten anyone who stands in their way. Crime runs rampant.”

Amply supported both by pod-pilot traders requesting increased protection for their convoys and Intaki nationalists decrying “the Fed’s apparent amnesia towards the well-being of our Home world system”, the request is far from unanimous. Although not integrated in a single lobbying structure, starbase operators have voiced complaints about this move pointing to CONCORD security directives that clearly interdict pod-pilot owned infrastructure inside CONCORD patrolled space.

“CONCORD protocols are both perfectly clear and extremely strict in this matter”, said a starbase owner who requested to remain anonymous, “higher security status for Placid systems would force us to relocate many of our moon mining, refining and processing facilities. A logistic nightmare, literally astronomical costs, and of course out of the question. Yes, this is a risky business, but with increased security status there is no business at all.”

Although none of their representatives were available for comment on the issue, low-sec privateering corporations’ support towards this measure is expected to be rather meager.