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Forums Refined

2008-08-12 - Por CCP Taera

For the past few weeks the community team has been working on a forum revamp, including forum mergers, additions and more. We have also completely overhauled the forum descriptions to be more explanatory and helpful for finding the right section. We hope this will lead to easier communication and less confusion of where to post your questions, ideas, or LOLcat pictures.

Some Highlights

One of the most notable changes is the addition of the Warfare and Tactics forum for PVP discussion, including Factional Warfare. With the addition of this area, members of Factional Warfare NPC corporations will no longer be permitted to post in the Corporations & Alliance Discussion forum.

The Science & Industry and Missions & Complexes sections have always held a prime location near the top of the page; trade is an equally important aspect of EVE and we feel it’s time to give the Market Discussions area a boost. These three sub-forums, along with several other sub-forums dealing with gameplay, have been moved to the new EVE Gameplay Center category near the top of the page. We hope this will make it easier to find specialized conversations on gameplay topics instead of just posting in General.

The Trades, trades and more trades and EVE Localization Development and Discussion forums have always been a little skinny; as such, we’ve merged these areas into the larger Want Ads and Known Issues & Workarounds to create Want Ads & Trades and Issues, Workarounds & Localization. This will slim the page size down a bit, meaning less scrolling while browsing the forums. The Events section is also being rolled into the Player Gatherings and Events section, though no name change was necessary.

And finally, several of our forums make their way to the forum graveyard. All readers please take a moment of silence for EveTV and the PvP Championships, Corporations and Alliances Summit, Windows, and EVE Technology Lab. Again, this means less scrolling through the forum area.

A full list of changes is included below. Expect these changes to hit the forums in a couple of weeks!

EVE Information Center

  • EVE Information Portal
    All the latest news, announcements and archives from the EVE Online development team. This forum is community reply only; players may not create new threads.

EVE Gameplay Center

  • Missions & Complexes
    From Missions to COSMOS sites, exploration and complexes, this forum has all you need to get a head start in PvE.
  • Warfare & Tactics
    The home for PVP in EVE: Factional Warfare, 0.0 campaigns, low sec skirmishes and empire wars.
  • Science & Industry
    Starbases, outposts, stations, invention, manufacturing and mining – it’s all in a day’s work for EVE industrialists.
  • Ships & Modules
    Share your thoughts on EVE’s ships, modules and your favorite fittings.
  • Crime & Punishment
    Warn others of the latest scam, hire a mercenary to seek revenge or brag about your kills. This is the place to discuss the criminal elements of EVE.
  • Market Discussions
    Share your tips for trade and commerce in EVE: playing the market, utilizing contracts, and trading stocks.
  • Skill Discussions
    Discuss skills and training plans for your EVE character.
  • Events & Gatherings
    In or out of the game, use this forum to plan events, gatherings, LAN parties, or other social events.

EVE Communication Center

  • EVE New Citizens Q&A
    New to EVE? Use this forum to ask, or answer, questions about the game.
  • EVE General Discussions
    General discussion about EVE Online.
  • EVE Fiction
    There’s a rich history behind New Eden, and it’s still in the making – visit this forum to discuss the world of EVE.
  • Intergalactic Summit
    An in-character, role-playing center for the capsuleers of New Eden. Forge alliances and make friends, resolve disputes or declare hostilities.
  • Out of Pod Experience
    Have a funny video to share? Need a name for your new cat? This is the place to discuss topics not related to EVE.
  • My EVE
    Share your EVE videos, guides, resources, tools, songs, jokes and more!

EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

  • Alliance and Corporation Recruitment Center
    Use this forum to advertise job opportunities or find a corporation or alliance to join.
  • Corporations, Alliance and Organization Discussions
    From political conflicts to battle reports, news, and corporation press releases – this is the in-character political center for all things corporate.

Council of Stellar Management

  • Assembly Hall
    A platform for players to bring topics to the attention of the Council of Stellar Management.
  • Jita Park Speakers Corner
    A less formal venue to discuss or debate whatever you wish regarding the Council of Stellar Management.

EVE Technology and Research Center

  • Features and Ideas Discussion
    Get feedback on your game-related ideas and suggestions from our developers and the rest of the community.
  • Game Development Forum
    Feedback and comments about testing on Singularity.
  • Issues, Workarounds & Localization
    Discuss known issues, solutions and our ongoing localization efforts .
  • Macintosh
    This forum is for EVE on the Mac, including tweaks, performance and bugs.
  • Linux
    This forum is about EVE on Linux, including tweaks, performance and bugs.
  • EVE Forum Experiments
    A playground where you can test your signature and/or play with other forum features.

EVE Marketplace

  • Timecode Bazaar
    Advertise or buy game time codes. Make sure to set up your trade before your account expires!
  • Character Bazaar
    Reinvent yourself – use this forum to sell, buy, or trade EVE characters.
  • Sell Orders
    Sell your ships, modules, and other products in EVE. This forum is for in-game transactions only.
  • Want Ads & Trades
    The classified ads of new Eden. Find the perfect ship or module – or trade your items with other players.
  • Price Checks
    Before you buy or sell, run a price check!