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From beer to eternity

2006-11-14 - Por Zapatero

Although it was more difficult to stay in the shadows at this year's Fan Fest, I managed to emerge with much of my anonymity intact – although emerging with any degree of self-respect could be tricky once the late night transmissions from Eve-TV are leaked out. (Evil beer, naughty beer. Makes Zap do bad things.)

I’m not going to wax on about how great the event was - which it was. CCP put on a great show, hosted an amazing party and thanks to the efforts of Eve-TV and EVE-Radio it really felt special to be a part of. Those who were there have their own experiences of course, especially the guy who stage dived on top of me during the RoXoR gig. (MC have of course been contracted to distribute suitable punishment.)

For me it was just great to have some face-to-face feedback about EON from those that managed to track me down. The pencils in the eyes were a bit extreme, but I guess you can't please everyone. It was also great to finally meet many of the faces who – along with various attached fingers - endeavour to make sure EON is the magazine that it is. And I'm not just talking about the people who write for us, but those who design and put together the adverts. Nathan and Hilmar mentioned to me at one point during the final evening that the ads in EON were part of what they enjoyed most about flicking through a new issue when it comes out. I agreed. I’m not sure exactly what I was agreeing with at the time, but I agreed with something so let’s just assume it was that.

This is all leading me to the ads for EON#6, which is currently scheduled for an early Jan 2007 release. Thanks to the looming holiday period we are going to need final ads rather earlier than usual, with first drafts needed by the end of the first week in December (8th) and final print quality PDF files during the following week. Obviously the earlier we can get ads in, the earlier we can finalise them. So if you want to get your corp or alliance noticed, or merely have 350m ISK burning a hole in your pocket, feel free to have a crack at designing something for the next issue.

If you need ad specs they are hosted by the wonderful EVE-Files (here).

Incidentally we have some new ideas for advertising in EON#007, but we’ll talk about them another time. In the meantime, remember kids, beer is bad for you, m'kay?