Gallente-Minmatar Joint Operation Conducted In Abune | EVE Online

Gallente-Minmatar Joint Operation Conducted In Abune

2008-06-18 - Por Svarthol

A joint taskforce of Gallente and Minmatar militias engaged a State Protectorate fleet in Abune this evening. The Federal Defence fleet led by Elijah Ghost, and the Tribal Liberation fleet commander Lady Karuni, agreed to collaborate on an operation to destroy their common enemy.

Before the final engagement, several tactical scenarios were discussed in private comm channels between commanders. A course of action was decided that would provide the best possible chance to destroy the Caldari fleet, which numbered some 130 pilots. Of course we are not authorized to discuss classified tactical plans, but the action itself was later deemed a success.

Due to a system-wide spatial anomaly, sensor and module control failures prevented most pilots from utilizing their equipment fully. Despite the setback, over a dozen enemy ships were dispatched and the rest scattered, before the Tribal fleet and Federal fleet were forced to withdraw.

Further combined efforts are expected as our allies begin to work with us.