Gallente scholar describes Khanid's recent trip to Dam-Torsad as a 'worrying development' | EVE Online

Gallente scholar describes Khanid's recent trip to Dam-Torsad as a 'worrying development'

2009-06-17 - Por Svarthol

The Political Science Department at the University of Caille today released an official statement regarding the apparent thawing of relations between the Khanid Kingdom and the Amarr Empire, calling the development "a worrying development on the international scene."

Relations between the Amarr Empire and the Gallente Federation have been strained since last June, when Amarr sided with the Caldari State after what Amarr reporters described as the "reclaiming of Caldari Prime."  Tensions hit a fever pitch when the Kador house launched an invasion of Solitude last November, despite the very public chastisement of Uriam Kador by Empress Jamyl Sarum, who consequently placed Kador's private fleet under the Imperial Navy's direct command. 

The prospect of Khanid's forging closer links with the Amarr Empress is being monitored by the famous Gallentean University. "By burying the hatchet on a centuries-old dispute, Sarum is showing that she will go to any lengths to strengthen her Empire," remarked Professor Margant Anjuisselle of the University of Caille.  "We are concerned that the Khanid Navy may now begin passing technology to the Imperial Navy."  Anjuisselle also pointed out the close relationship that the State has historically had with the Khanid Kingdom, suggesting that Caldari would "indirectly benefit from an exchange of technology and intelligence" between the Khanid and Amarr.

It is understandable that there are concerns: The Khanids have been accused on numerous occasions of capturing Gallente citizens, purportedly to be sold into the Amarr slave market.  The recent collapse of the Federal Defence Union, combined with the news that the former FDU's enemies seem to be aligning, should make many citizens of New Eden apprehensive about the future.